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2014 fashion houndstooth fabric trends

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  • Relâchez le:2014-08-04
   Houndstooth originated in the Prince of Wales cells, also known as Ge Lunge, since the Duke of Windsor wearing this tweed pattern in 19-20 century, has been loved by the British aristocracy. Windsor is the first celebrity to wear it after celebrity, this tweed pattern became the 19th century, 20th century British aristocracy's favorite. The first allows the Chidori Gordon fashion arena, and got into the top spot is noble and elegant Christian Dior, Mr. Dior houndstooth pattern in 1948 will optimize the combined spent on perfume boxes, but also gave it a good enough immortal name - Houndstooth.
   July 17, 2014, Caitlin Fitzgerald Mike Gros dressed in early autumn 2014 series gray plover Tee dress to attend California held drama "sex guru" will meet the media.

    June 19 evening, "Miss Dior Miss Dior" exhibition at the Shanghai Sculpture Center opened, King dressed in retro sweet Houndstooth Dress debut.

      New York local time on May 6, 2014, Stuart Vevers COACH creative director, photographer Rachel Chandler Guinness debut with the 2014 Met Ball.

     This winter is the most indispensable campaign-style single product, from a variety of slogans to sports shoes sweater coat with the influx of people have been playing over and over. New York Fashion Week show up to install street shooting people watching is also evident, long coat with a houndstooth pencil skirt lake blue stitching, which take the slogan sweater handheld mirror Clutch, temperament victory.

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