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South America - Peru clothing manufacturers first order

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on :2014-08-07
Finally signed the contract and customers in South America, which makes us believe that e-commerce throughout the company began to charm, and more believe that trust between people is there, even if we have not met, but through e-mail communication, we started cooperation. 

When at the end of last month, I received inquiries Edson, although he could not speak English, but he tried to use Google translate and my mail exchanges. Each time the message is received, I always carefully pondering and study his ideas, and how to meet his needs, that our goal is the same: We always do our best to make customers enjoy the best quality service. 

When he sent the samples received, I am honored, because our professional strengths,polyester rayon tr suit fabric. we have done suit fabric for 10 years, with high quality and competitive factory price. 

Then follow our process, we made free hand loom fabric for customer,A total of eight products, it took five days to complete, because the sample is free of charge, and is our new customers, so Edson gladly paid the $ 50 courier through PayPal. then we sent the suit fabric sample to him. 

Four days later, the customer received our sample, he was satisfied, the next thing is very smooth, making the contract, send deposit. 

Has now started production of goods, though a small number, but it would be a good start.