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Story between me and Peru customers

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on:2014-08-27
I was a newcomer in international trade, just more than a year of work in international trade, insisted for so long, finally have their own customers and orders, so I am very happy.
My first client was a friend from South America in Peru, he was very friendly, every e-mail sent to me are full of confidence words, give me endless encouragement, and he also introduced me to his friends, I am very happy to be able to serve them.
The first product of our cooperation is 65% polyester 35% viscose fabric,32s/2*32s/2,370 g/m suit fabric.
Our first collaboration is about to end, of course, we will continue operating, delivery time from the original 35 days, shortened to 25 days, which shows that we are responsible to our customers, and our high-quality services.
Look forward to further cooperation, I will continue to update our story