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Business is business, friends is friends

  • Author:Jeanne
  • Release on :2014-08-29
I have some clients from India, who purchase our suiting fabric for trading or producing garments.
Altough till now, we haven't reach an order, but we are friends, we chat always, and I will help them with their Chinese. They also will help me with my question.

These days, one of my friends asked me a kind of medicine made in India, because his mother is sick, he needs this medicine to treat his mother. But it is made in India, and don't sale in China. He asked me for help if I have friends can help him get this medicine.

I turned to my India clients/friedns immediately. They all help me ask about the medicine with their friends or family.

What a pity! The medicine can't be gotten without medical advice. Also, it can only be take by person, can't be expressed to China.

My india friends can't help with the medicine at last, but I also thank them very much.

Business is business, friends is friends.