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The first orders of Ukrainian customers - God bless me

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on:2014-09-06
This is my first Ukrainian customers, she lived in Cyprus, in Ukraine have their own shops, communication from our point of view, it should be a retailer.
When I received her inquiry, I feel this customer goal is clear, this increased interest in me and her communication, the next thing is to send samples to her, because it is a new customer, so she was very happy to bear the courier costs.
After the samples arrived in Cyprus, she checked the sample, and give me back the messages, very satisfied with our products, but because she is on vacation, so I delayed a few days to reply.
Just yesterday, September 5, we determined the price and quantity, although only 2000 meters, but I believe we will continue to work together to go after the contract made ??in the past, the next step is to wait for the deposit, and last night we chat via skype, she has arranged over there, maybe next Monday I will receive.
Expect, wait, come on.
God bless me.