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Foreign trade is a long and lonely way

  • Author:Jeanne
  • Release on :2014-09-13
This is Jeanne from Mingguang Textile, which is specializing in tr suiting fabric.
I did nonferrous metals export before, and now I'm new in the textile line.
At the beginning, everything is hard for me: having no idea with the products, processing, business habits, etc., even don't know where to start with.
Everyday, I dealt with the documents of the product, to give a brief concept of the fabric to myself. And try to contact with some clients, to help me with the learning.
As days pass by, I learnt more about the product. 
But new problem comes up. That is clients, how to find.
It is impossible to call every potential clients, but if we contact by email, most were no replied. 
What can we do then? The only way is to insist, wise insisting. That means the insisting must have the right object.
We need to pick out the clients who really have the require for the product, and then keep contacting, even never replied, at least, they know the existence of us.
Then show your sincerity to cooperate with them. Once have the new samples, make sure they are informed, or something even have nothing to do with business, just let them know more about us, it's ok.
If fortunately we received clients' reply, it's good, keep contacting, standing at the side of the clients to help them with the requirements or questions.
We must sure, it will lead to a consequent of cooperating at last.
Foreign trade is a long and lonely way, keep moving!