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China shaoxing manufacturer football warm up uniform material- American customer

  • Author:kim
  • Release on :2014-09-20
      In 2014.9.13, I contact my American customer Fred in first time. He tell me he want to buy football warm up material. Because of so many football warm up uniform material in shaoxing textile market, it's hard for me to find correct fabric if i don't have quality sample. So I ask Fred "Can you send me a quality sample." Fred reply " I can send you the picture of the football warm up uniform, i don't have the sample to send you". So he send me the uniform pictures. The pictures is as follows.

      when I see the pictures , I just want to say "oh my god". Don't have weight, yarn count, composition,I also don't know the hand feeling, just have the picture. How can I find the uniform material? How?How? After a few emails of communication, I finally know his warm up uniform is like adidas or nike warm up uniform. So I decide to go to the adidas store. 
      When I'm in adidas store, I find a new style adidas warm up uniform. The picture is as follows.

Detail images

      According to the details, I start to find the uniform material. 
      In China,  Many sport uniform is made of air  layer material, so I picked up some different weight of the air layer fabric. Considering the sportswear can not too heavy, so I chose the weight is 300G / M. The picture is as follows.

      I find anther uniform material according to the adidas warm up uniform. This is a 100% polyester sport warm up uniform fabric,the weight is 210G/SM.

      Finally, I send them to American, Fred received them, he tell me he will bring them to Mexico. Yesterday Fred tell me his partner like my material. Next he will find the logistics to Mexico. 
      God bless me.I hope to have a good news.
       (To be continued)