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The sample charge

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on :2014-09-29
Recently, more and more customers to discuss business, it makes me very happy, it makes me very upset.

Our company is speciazling on polyester viscose TR suit fabric supplier in china for 10 years, we have a wealth of experience and strength.

Whenever some customers seeking samples, we are happy to provide, but customers are not willing to bear the courier. 
It makes me difficult to understand why this is so? For a new customer, if the courier requires the seller to bear, then we would not be a greater risk. As an intention to cooperate with quality customers, I am happy to spend half a day to prepare the samples, but I also want customers to be able to show his sincerity, is only 50 dollars a courier are not willing, then where is the sincerity of cooperation it?

I want my customers to be able to see the article, this is our principle to provide free samples, but the buyer must bear the courier, which is the basic premise of our cooperation. 
Just think: If fifty dollars are reluctant out, if I expect you to give me a $ 5,000 order it?
Help is mutual, superior customer will receive quality service.