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welcome to visit our company----the China factory supplier

  • Author:Jeanne
  • Release on :2014-09-29
This is Jeanne from Mingguang textile, which is specializing in producing suiting fabric.

Today one of my clients from Poland visit our company.

I picked them up in Shaoxing Internation Hotel this morning and drive to our company in Keqiao.

There's a fantastic thing on the way. My sense of direction is bad, and don't know where to drive to in the crossroad. There's a voice "turn right" knocks me----my client know the direction, just because yesterday he came to Keqiao through this crossroad.

This makes me a little embarrassed. But my client comforting me with jokes makes me feel better. They are really very kind.

They are a wholesale company in Poland, after we reached our company, they pick up about 30 kinds of fabric for samples, then we quote for them. 

My client said that we are a trustable company in China, and our price is competitive with good quality. They sure that we will go to cooperate soon. And we hope so.

Welcome clients all over the world to visit our company, and we will show you our strength.