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New design polyester wool tartan fabric for coat and shawl to England market

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on:2014-10-11
This week, I am glad you can get in touch with British Kneeland, she is very young and beautiful, because of age, we have a lot to talk about, we passed whatsapp contact, communicate every day, very convenient.
When I knew she was a just traders engaged in the textile industry, and I think she is very hard, I'd be happy to give her some advice, and she wanted to older ladies shawl, for the fabric, I gave some of my suggestions, and very happy to pay 45 dollars courier, in order to show my sincerity, free samples available to her. 
Her choice of fabric is a polyester wool tartan, feel very good, the proportion is 30% wool, 70% polyester and 50% wool, 50% polyester. 
Slowly discovered that we provide to our customers not only products, but a trust, and our every customer communication, are based on a friend's identity to help we can give, so we feel very happy, not just business, but know a new friend happy mood.