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Inside the elevator, met a big new customer

  • Author:Mark
  • Release on :2014-11-21
One day afternoon, I send a color card to give me a forwarding company, then return the company, and as before, and many people crowded together in an elevator inside, next to me was a foreign friend, I friendly with a smiling greeting, in exchange for his sentence: "How are you?", I naturally answered, lift up a few seconds, I know this friend is an agent, doing the Moroccan market, I can not wait to him introduce our company, he is also very warm, very smooth took him to visit our company. We then recommended a very hot product in Morocco, through his eyes, I knew he was very interested. Because that product is very special, and only our company can produce, so the price is relatively high.
The next step is to let our bosses and clients to discuss around the quantity and price negotiations. The next day the customer ready to return to Morocco, because the price of the issue failed to reach a consensus.
But I know that customers are interested in, I did not give up, but keep the follow-up, I believe that they do not lose contact, are there opportunities for cooperation. Finally, in November 11, China 12 o'clock at night time, our views agreement. Customer gave me a 66,000 m of orders.
I think this is a very lucky one order. The day before yesterday, the customer received a wire transfer of the deposit, I am very happy, I believe we will continue operating.